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10 Frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes

10 Frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes

There is often a lack of clarity about the use of electric cigarettes, especially compared to normal smoking. That is why we answer 10 frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes on this page, to give more clarity about these products.

Please note: We only answer ten frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes, these answers are not intended as sales advice.

  1. Where can I buy the products? You can buy e-cigarettes, e-liquid, coils and other accessories in various stores, and online via specialized web shops.
  2. Is electric smoking expensive? On average, e-smoking is cheaper than normal smoking. There is a wide range of products from cheap to expensive.
  3. What types of e-cigarettes are for sale? There are disposable cigarettes, electric cigarettes with replaceable parts and boxmods with advanced temperature settings and displays. There are even e-cigars and e-pipes.
  4. What do I pay for a starter set? You can purchase a complete set of between 50 and 100 euros with all parts and accessories to start with.
  5. What is the best way to start using vapors? A standard starter set offers more than a disposable model without complicated technology. For fans of a lot of vapor such as with a water pipe, a type with sub-Ohm capacity is the most suitable.
  6. What is the best e-liquid for starters? A tobacco flavor is obvious for former smokers, for heavy smokers e-liquid with a high nicotine content.
  7. How long can I keep e-liquid? Under good conditions you can keep e-liquid for two years.
  8. How does electric fumes taste? Exactly as you want it to be. In addition to all the popular tobacco flavors, you can also choose liquor, desserts, fruit or sweets. the taste comes from the aromas that are added to the e-liquids.
  9. What is the lifespan of an e-cigarette? That depends strongly on the brand, type and use. With a modular type (mod) you can replace separate parts such as the battery separately.
  10.  Do you have to maintain e-cigarettes? Yes, every refillable e-cigarette needs maintenance, such as filling the tank and replacing the coils.

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