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4 tips for taking the e-cigarette on holiday

4 tips for taking the e-cigarette on holiday

If you like to escape from the cold and gray Netherlands to warmer places, you should of course bring your electric cigarette. There are a number of things that you have to take into account, here are 4 tips when you take an e-cigarette on holiday.

Please note: On this page we only give tips about taking the e-cigarette on holiday, we do not provide sales information about specific products.

1. No fun at Schiphol

In Schiphol you can not smoke anywhere including the smoking area. Always wrap e-liquid in lockable bags at airports, with a maximum volume of 100 ml. In addition to the security requirements, the bags prevent the liquid from leaking due to differences in air pressure. That also applies to trips in the mountains. The rules for the transport of e-cigarettes may differ per airline, please inquire about the conditions in advance.

2. Pay attention to the batteries and heat

Never leave batteries in hot situations for long periods of time, the same applies to the batteries in the e-cigarette. Keep the electric cigarette and any extra batteries in a cool and safe location such as a cooler bag. Prevent sand or (salt) water from entering the device. E-liquid can become thinner with heat, make sure your e-cigarette does not leak.

3. Get rid of the fun by fat

When you are sitting on your e-cigarette with sweaty hands, or want to swipe your fingers full of sunburn, these oils can damage or discolor the outside of the e-cigarette. In many cases this has no effect on the operation of the device, but if you are careful with your electric cigarette you will have to take this into account.

4. Keep it legal

The legislation concerning electric cigarettes may differ per country, check in advance what is and is not permitted. In addition to vapors in public areas and restaurants you should also think of e-liquid with CBD extract of hemp. This can be strictly forbidden abroad.

So be careful with the e-cigarette on holiday. We wish you a good trip!