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5 fairy tales about e-cigarettes

5 fairy tales about e-cigarettes

Do you like fairytales? Here are 5 fables about e-cigarettes that are not at all correct!

Note: Although we tell the truth behind these 5 fables about e-cigarettes, it is not a recommendation to smoke electrically.

1. Nicotine in e-cigarettes is carcinogenic

Nicotine is similar in many ways to caffeine, both are addictive substances. But the carcinogenic substances in cigarettes come from the burning of tobacco, and that is not the case with electric fumes.

2. Anti-freeze is used in e-liquid

In e-liquid, propylene glycol is usually used today, a very safe substance. Previously, polyethylene glycol was used in e-liquids, not even harmful, but propylene glycol is even safer. These substances are sometimes confused with ethylene glycol, a substance that is in antifreeze but certainly not in official e-liquids.

3. Vapors are hazardous to the environment

Because there is no smoke but vapor released, the impact on the environment is minimal to zero. Vapor evaporates quickly, and there are few harmful substances. Inside you could still speak of nicotine in the vapor that could potentially be dangerous, but even then the concentrations are extremely low.

4. There are no rules for electric smoking

Although the law is still lagging behind in the field of electric smoking (or rather fumes), manufacturers have already set strict rules for this industry at the global, European and national levels. When you buy e-cigarettes and e-liquid in the Netherlands, there is nothing to worry about.

5. Nobody knows whether e-cigarettes are safe

Research into e-cigarettes has been going on for about ten years, and has intensified over the past five years. No clear negative conclusions emerged from this, but many positive findings. Over the long term, we can not make a judgment, but science has not yet found any reason why e-cigarettes would not be safe.

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