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5 Tips for stopping smoking

5 Tips for stopping smoking

When someone asks the question "why should I stop smoking", our first answer is "why should you keep smoking?". Smoking is actually a very peculiar habit, you pay a lot of money for a lot of disadvantages. The magic word that you continue anyway is addiction. Both nicotine and the routine. We would like to give you some tips to stop smoking, maybe you too can take that step into a smoke-free life.

Note: A nicotine addiction is also lurking in electric cigarettes, there are liquids to vaporize without nicotine. Non-smokers are advised not to use e-cigarettes containing nicotine.

Tips for stopping smoking

  1. Set a deadline: Delay adjustment, choose a date within a period of one month from now when you stop smoking.
  2. Get help with your hand: Only quitting smoking is very difficult, ask people in your area to help with quitting. You do not have to stand alone.
  3. Contact your doctor: Have you set a date? Then make an appointment with the doctor for possible replacement products such as nicotine patches. It may take a few weeks before you can retrieve these funds.
  4. Find another habit: In addition to nicotine, it is also the habit of smoking a cigarette, looking for something else that gives you the same feeling of rest.
  5. Do not tempt yourself: Avoid situations in which you were used to smoking, and make clear agreements with friends who still smoke. You fall back into your old pattern.

Quitting smoking is not easy for anyone, fortunately there are methods to help you stop. A few can do it on their own, most people need support from friends and family, often in combination with replacement products that contain (less) nicotine.