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5 tips if you start with vaping

5 tips if you start with vaping

Are you going to make the switch from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarette vapors? Although there are many similarities between smoking and vapors, there are certainly differences. You probably already know that the vapor that is released is not as harmful as the smoke released during the combustion of tobacco. But if you do not know how e-smoking works, the experience can still be disappointing. With these 5 tips on vapors for beginners you can make a good start.

Note: No smoking is better than smoking. Vapors can be an alternative, so vapors are not necessarily a healthy activity. We therefore also advise not to start with vapors just like that.

  • Start simple: If a smoker is looking for an equivalent alternative, a boxmod with temperature setting or a display is not the best choice. You just want a device that looks like a cigarette and works immediately without fiddling. Start preferably with a complete starter set, you can always upgrade.
  • You get what you pay for: A well-known brand e-cigarette for an incredibly low price? Note that it is not a copy, rather choose a reliable (web) store instead of a dubious supplier.
  • Inhaling works differently: In the first place, as a former smoker you will opt for MTL (from mouth to lungs) instead of DTL (directly to the lungs). This is what you are used to. You will have to unlearn to take a hard lifting, take it easy and take about four seconds.
  • Pre-annealing: Press the button one second before you take a look at the button, so the aroma will come out much better.
  • Quiet: Let the coil cool down before you press the button again or take a stroke. Otherwise the coil can give the spirit prematurely.

So; start simple and realize that fumes are not completely equal to smoking. Then you will enjoy e-smoking much faster.