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6 tips for e-liquid in electric cigarettes

6 tips for e-liquid in electric cigarettes

Tobacco is in a cigarette, e-liquid is in an e-cigarette. There are so many types of liquids to choose from, that it can certainly be a challenge for the starting e-smoker to choose a suitable product. With these 6 tips for e-liquid in electric cigarettes, the choice is much easier!

Note: We only give tips on the choice and use of e-liquid, we do not advise on the purchase of specific products.

1. Not for children

Although sweet flavors such as chewing gum may suggest otherwise, e-fumes are really meant for 18+. Also pay attention when you have a certain (chronic) illness or are pregnant. If necessary, inform the general practitioner whether electric smoking is suitable for you.

2. Testing and testing

Do not immediately go for the wholesale packaging e-liquid if you are not familiar with the product. Start with tests and tests until you find what you like. And of course that can also be different flavors.

3. More or less nicotine

You can buy e-liquid without nicotine up to 18 mg. Depending on your smoking behavior, you can adjust the need for nicotine accordingly. You can also reduce your nicotine addiction.

4. New vapers

If you have not smoked before, it is not wise to buy e-liquid with nicotine. Because then you can become addicted to that. Choose rather for products without nicotine.

5. Flavors differ

You can start with a Marlboro flavor or Van Nelle heavy shag if you're used to it, but there are also flavors such as chocolate or fruit available.

6. Liquid and liquid

Depending on the composition, the e-liquid may be thicker or thinner. The correct consistency depends on the resistance the coil has. If you deviate from the standard settings and products, you have to take this into account to prevent splashing and dry hits.