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E-cigarette parts


The liquid is evaporated by heating a filament in coil, the e-liquid is absorbed by a wick of cotton or other material. There are different materials available and different shapes that deliver a completely unique vapor experience.


A clearomizer or atomizer is the reservoir or the tank in which the e-liquid is located. There are different types of coils that are attached to the clearomizer, in addition there is the mouthpiece on which the lips are put. The standard connection is of the 510 type but there are exceptions. Clearomizers are available with an adjustable air supply, so take a good look at the assortment and contact the help desk first if you have any questions.

Chargers and cables

An electric cigarette works on the basis of a battery that ensures that the coil is heated. Except for the disposable e-cigarettes, the battery can be charged. This is possible with a USB cable that is plugged directly into the device, or with an external charger where separate batteries are placed. Chargers for mobile phones are generally not suitable, choose a charger with a maximum of 1 amp power.


E-cigarettes that work with a reusable battery are available with a fixed battery or with separate batteries. In most cases this will be a 18650 battery. These are batteries with a diameter of 18 mm and a height of 65 mm with a round shape. There are also batteries of the type 20700, 21700 and even more variations. Please note that mod batteries are not protected. It is important to protect the contact points and always keep loose batteries neat and dry.


In addition to the standard e-cigarette parts, there are also accessories such as mouthpieces, bottles for e-liquid and materials to make your own coils. In addition to simplifying vapors, there are also many do-it-yourself e-cigarette components that you can use to tailor your vaping to your own preferences.

Pyrex glasses

These e-cigarette parts will differ per brand and type. Pyrex is a well-known brand that makes products from glass that are heat-resistant, making them ideal for e-cigarettes. Pyrex glasses must be replaced when they are cracked or when the taste has deposited too much on the glass.

Brand: Esigaretshop Model: 100ML E-LIQUID FLES
DIY e-liquid fles om zelf e-liquid te maken of op smaak te maken/mengen. ..
€ 1.50 Ex Tax:€ 1.24
Professional wire for DIY ..
€ 4.95 Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Brand: Esigaretshop Model: 30ML PET E-LIQUID FLES
Navul fles voor e-liquids. Bevat een kindveilige sluiting, maar geen zegelring net als bij de 10ml variant. Komt met een witte, dop, heldere tut en een helder flesje. ..
€ 1.25 Ex Tax:€ 1.03
Replacement 0.6 Ohm PODs for Aspire Breeze 2. To use the Aspire Breeze 2 You need an Aspire Breeze Coil place in the POD. This replacement POD you can easily switch from e-liquids by to swap the PODs.   Species Tank POD Link POD system Brand name ..
€ 6.95 Ex Tax:€ 5.74
ASPIRE BREEZE CHARGING DOCK   De Aspire Breeze heeft een batterij van 650 mAh. Met deze compacte charging dock van 2000 mAh kunt u uw e sigaret opladen waar u wilt. ProductgegevensAspire Breeze oplaadstation.   ..
€ 15.95 Ex Tax:€ 13.18
Brand: Aspire Model: Aspire Triton 2
Aspire Triton mini tank 2ml     Aspire proudly presents our all new Triton 2 tank system. This tank brings you adjustable airflow control that will allow the user to really dial in on their desired airflow setting. The Triton 2 can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning. With the variety ..
€ 34.95 Ex Tax:€ 28.88
Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill baterij 900 mAh BLACK
Bookwill batterij 900 mAh BLACK ..
€ 15.00 Ex Tax:€ 12.40
Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill Clearomizer mondstuk
Bookwill Clearomizer - Mouthpiece ..
€ 1.50 Ex Tax:€ 1.24
Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill eGo e-cigarette usb charger
eGo e-cigarette usb charger ..
€ 4.50 Ex Tax:€ 3.72
Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill eVOD Clearomizer
The Bottomcoil is also available separately Pay attention to the correct type: - E Vod Bottomcoil. Content: 1.6 mL The E Vod claeromizer is available in the colors black and chrome. ..
€ 4.95 Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Brand: Bookwill Model: Accu Chroom (650 MaH)
€ 12.50 Ex Tax:€ 10.33
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