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Clearomizer & Coils

Clearomizer & Coils

E-cigarette coils

The coil is the part in the clearomizer that ensures that the e-liquid can evaporate. E-cigarette coils contain a wick that absorbs the liquid and a filament that is heated so that the e-liquid will evaporate. Three types of coil are available:

1. Standard coils

These e-cigarette coils have a resistance of 1 Ohm or higher, and are suitable for all standard e-cigarettes. The vapor experience corresponds to normal smoking, with relatively little vapor but with a lot of taste. Standard coils are suitable for MTL vapors.

2. Sub-Ohm coils

These e-cigarette coils have a resistance that is lower than 1 Ohm, and are suitable for mods with a high wattage. Sub-Ohm vapors generate large vapor clouds that go directly to the lungs. Sub-Ohm coils are suitable for DTL vapors.

3. Temperature coils

These e-cigarette coils work on the basis of temperature, and are also called TC coils. More or less vapor will be produced based on the temperature. Nickel (NI), Titanium (TI), combination coils and Steel (SS 316) coils are available in this category.

Each brand and type uses specific coils, in addition to the well-known brands of e-cigarettes such as Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin, Joyetech and SMOK, there are also e-cigarette coils from other brands. The materials used and the shape of the filament have a major influence on the operation of these products.

Thread, shape and wick

The three most important things to watch out for are the thread, shape and wick. The wire can be made of different materials, each with their own unique characteristics, the way in which the wire is twisted has a great influence on the evaporation of the liquid. Then there is the wick, the material that e-liquid absorbs to be evaporated. The wick in the coil is usually made of cotton. If you are not sure which coil fits your electric cigarette, you should contact us first before placing an order.

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The e-cigarette is the new smoking and is starting to become more popular. In addition to the convenience, the electric cigarette also offers many advantages over a normal cigarette:

✓ Means to stop smoking ✓ Available with and without nicotine ✓ Nobody is bothered by your e-cigarette ✓ Smoking e-cigarettes is permitted everywhere ✓ Cheaper than a cigarette with tobacco

Professional wire for DIY ..
€ 4.95 Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Model: Aspire Atlantis EVO coil
Aspire Atlantis EVO coil ..
€ 19.95 Ex Tax:€ 16.49
Brand: Aspire Model: ASPIRE BREEZE COILS
€ 10.95 Ex Tax:€ 9.05
Brand: Aspire Model: Aspire Breeze Coils - 1.0 Ohm (5 St.)
Aspire Breeze Coils are produced for the Aspire Breeze Pocket AIO Starter Set and the Aspire Breeze 2 Starter Set. The revolutionary coil system offers a large heating surface, which optimizes the taste and the vapor production. The Coils are available in 0.6 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm, where the 0.6 Ohm is sl..
€ 11.95 Ex Tax:€ 9.88
Brand: Aspire Model: Aspire Breeze Coils - 1.2 Ohm (5 St.)
ATTENTION: Not suitable for Breeze 2 device Product details Aspire Breeze Coils are produced for the Aspire Breeze Pocket AIO Starter Set. The coil system offers a large heating surface, which provides more flavor and vapor production. The coils have a resistance of 1.2 Ohm. If you have a..
€ 10.95 Ex Tax:€ 9.05
Brand: Aspire Model: Aspire BVC OCC Coils
Aspire BVC OCC Coils (CE5) 5 pcs ..
€ 10.95 Ex Tax:€ 9.05
Brand: Aspire Model: ASPIRE CLEITO COILS (5 ST.)
Aspire Cleito Coils, available in 0.2 Ohm and 0.4 Ohm. Only suitable for the Aspire Cleito clearomizer. The new coil system with a larger evaporation surface offers an optimized taste and vapor experience and is aimed at the Direct-To-Long (DTL) vapers. Content set Aspire Cleito Coils (5x) ..
€ 19.95 Ex Tax:€ 16.49
Product datails Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils Available in resistors 1.6Ohm and 1.8Ohm, only suitable for the Nautilus Mini BVC clearomizer. Are produced for optimal taste that is ideal for mouth-to-lung vapers (MTL). Packed per 5 pieces. Content set Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC Coils (5x) ..
€ 13.95 Ex Tax:€ 11.53
Brand: Aspire Model: Aspire Nautilus X coil 1.5Ohm
€ 16.95 Ex Tax:€ 14.01
Aspire uses the latest coils U-tech system and are suitable for Aspire PockeX AIO Starter . The U-tech stands for the U-shaped air duct, which ensures that the vapor twice comes into contact with the incandescent filament, which results in an even better taste experience and vapor. When the coils a ..
€ 19.95 Ex Tax:€ 16.49
Brand: Aspire Model: Aspire Triton / Ni200 0.15 Ohm
Aspire Triton / Triton 2 Coils NI / Clapton / 316L (5 St) Replacement coils for your Triton / Triton 2 Clearomizer. Packed per 5 pieces Ni200 0.15 Ohm Nickel coil Note: Before you order coils always check whether your battery is suitable for the type of coil (eg TC) Specifications Arti..
€ 21.95 Ex Tax:€ 18.14
Brand: Aspire Model: ASPIRE TRITON MINI / ASPIRE NAUTILUS SERIES Ni200 0.15 Ohm coils
ASPIRE TRITON MINI / NAUTILUS SERIES COILS  Ni200 vervangcoils. Productgegevens Inhoud verpakking 5 x replacement coilsAspire Coils 0.15 Ohm voor de Triton Mini en Nautilus Series   ..
€ 19.95 Ex Tax:€ 16.49
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