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DIY accessories

Are you satisfied with your damper and the standard parts that you can order for it? Or do you have plans to make it even better? You can experiment to your heart's content with the DIY accessories on this page, but of course make sure you work safely and thoughtfully! Below you will find a number of products that we will explain in more detail, if you would like to have more information about our range, you can of course contact us.

  • Resistance wire: To make a coil you need a wire, which is usually a wire from the canteen. Resistance wire is available in different thicknesses with which you will also get a different result. The total resistance is of great importance in the evaporation, so pay close attention to the properties of the wire.
  • Cotton: A coil consists of a thread and a wick, that is the "wick" in which the liquid is absorbed. Organic cotton is usually used for this. The wick absorbs the e-liquid and will not add any appreciable taste to the vapor on evaporation.
  • Prebuild coil: A bit of yourself and a little prefab, that's the idea behind a preformed coil. The chance that it will go wrong is a lot smaller, in combination with an RBA you can get started right away.
  • RBA: This is a ReBuildable Atomizer that allows you to create and use your own atomizers. We do not recommend an RBA for novice dampers, if you have some experience you can take the next step with this section.
  • DIY kit: Of all DIY accessories, a do-it-yourself kit with tools is perhaps of the utmost importance. In theory you can get started with tongs from the hardware store, but a DIY kit contains all the tools to get started quickly and responsibly.

Are you unable to figure it out yourself or are you looking for more DIY accessories? Feel free to contact our team, we are happy to help you further!

Brand: Esigaretshop Model: 100ML E-LIQUID FLES
DIY e-liquid fles om zelf e-liquid te maken of op smaak te maken/mengen. ..
€ 1.50 Ex Tax:€ 1.24
Professional wire for DIY ..
€ 4.95 Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Brand: Esigaretshop Model: 30ML PET E-LIQUID FLES
Navul fles voor e-liquids. Bevat een kindveilige sluiting, maar geen zegelring net als bij de 10ml variant. Komt met een witte, dop, heldere tut en een helder flesje. ..
€ 1.25 Ex Tax:€ 1.03
Brand: Coil Master Model: COIL MASTER DIY KIT V3
Productgegevens  Deze nieuwste Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is een perfecte all-in-one kit voor DIYers. Alle tools zijn van hoogwaardige kwaliteit vervaardigd om aan de verschillende behoeften van de gebruikers te voldoen. Inhoud:  1 x Diagonal tangen  1 x Naald-neus tang  1 x RVS vouwsc..
€ 47.50 Ex Tax:€ 39.26
Brand: Coil Master Model: COIL MASTER KANTHAL A1 WIRE
Productgegevens  Gemaakt van Kanthal A1. Elke rol is 10 meter.  Coil AWG: 22ga; 24ga en 26ga Inhoud: 1x 10 meter wire ..
€ 4.95 Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Coil Master Organic Cotton (5st / pack) Kleur: wit met zwarte vlekken (katoenzaad of geraspte bladeren) Verbrandingsproces: mild en langzaam zonder geur Smaak: natuurlijke smaak Enviromental-vriendelijk: geen chemische behandeling, geen bleek en geen kleurstof ..
€ 3.95 Ex Tax:€ 3.26
Er zitten 10 stuks in een fles, 6 flesjes in een houten doos = totaal 60 stuks De Kanthal A1 coils kunnen als toevoeging aan RDA- of RDTA worden gebruikt. De vooraf samengestelde coils zijn voorzien van een 3 mm-binnendiameter. Deze coils ondersteunen een weerstand van 0.36 -0.05 ohm: ..
€ 24.50 Ex Tax:€ 20.25
Verpakt per 3 stuks. Het coil Master Pro katoen is een 100% natuurlijk katoen met een fijne textuur van absorberend materiaal. Dit katoen heeft geen kleurstof of chemische behandeling ondergaan. Geen droge brandende smaak wanneer uw liquid bijna verdampt is en hij waarschuwt u als u direct uw ..
€ 5.50 Ex Tax:€ 4.55
Brand: Joyetech Model: JOYETECH CUBIS MAX COTTON (5 ST.)
Rectangular cotton specially designed for use in the Joyetech Cubis Max clearomizer. The cotton should be placed on the Joyetech NC Film Heater too. The NC Film heaters are available separately on our website. The Joyetech Cubis Max Cotton comes with five rectangular pieces of cotton. Cotton is d..
€ 2.89 Ex Tax:€ 2.39
Brand: Joyetech Model: JOYETECH NC FILM HEATER (5 ST.)
The Joyetech NC Film is part of the Joyetech Cubis Max clearomizer, which comes in the Joyetech Ultex Starter. The Cubis Max has an innovative design. The NCFilmTM is a separate heating element which is to be screwed on the tank. On top of the heaters should be placed a loose piece Cubis Max Cotton...
€ 7.50 Ex Tax:€ 6.20
Brand: Smok Model: SMOK V12 PRINCE RBA (1 ST.)
SMOK introduces a dynamic V12 Prince-RBA with pre-installed Clapton coil for enthusiasts. It features a two-post, dual construction deck for user-friendly adjustments, suitable for a wide range of coils. Two-Post, Dual Terminals Design Dual Coil adjustments 0.25ohm Dual Coils ..
€ 12.50 Ex Tax:€ 10.33
Model: SST316 - COIL WIRE - 10 meter
SST316 / Stainless Steel Coil wire - 10mtr SST316 / Stainless Steel Wire is used especially for fumes with temperature control. The roll contains 10 meters (30ft) and is available in different diameters: 0.60mm - 22 Gauge 0.50mm - 24 Gauge ..
€ 6.95 Ex Tax:€ 5.74
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