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There are vapers who just want to get a fare like they used to from a normal cigarette with tobacco. No setting options, individual parts or e-cigarette accessories. This page is not suitable for this target group. Here you will find all the accessories to take your vapor experience to a new level. Do you want to play coils yourself? Do you mix e-liquids like a professor experimenting with cups of liquid in a laboratory? Or do you just need a new nozzle for your damper? Whatever your question may be, on this page you will find all the accessories to enjoy your mod or box mod more.

Accessories for e-cigarettes

cigarettes You can't change much about a normal cigarette to influence smoking. E-cigarettes are electrical devices that you can manipulate in all kinds of ways. This way you can set the resistance higher or lower, this has an influence on the vapor production. If you use coils that are made from a different material, or that are wrapped in a different shape, this will affect the taste. It is also possible to put together your own e-liquid with a basic liquid as a starting point. Of course you need clean bottles for that. If you are really serious about getting started, small tongs and tweezers should certainly not be missing in your arsenal. In short, there are plenty of accessories to fully personalize the fumes.

Always be careful

Once you get the taste you will dive deeper and deeper into all the possible accessories and gadgets that you will find here. Remember that you work with electrical devices and with liquids that you breathe. You will need some knowledge of electronics, materials and ingredients that you mix in an e-liquid. You know the horror stories from the media. Almost all of them come from users who started experimenting without realizing the consequences. If you cannot find a solution, or if you have any further questions, you can always contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you further.

Brand: Esigaretshop Model: 100ML E-LIQUID FLES
DIY e-liquid fles om zelf e-liquid te maken of op smaak te maken/mengen. ..
€ 1.50 Ex Tax:€ 1.24
Professional wire for DIY ..
€ 4.95 Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Brand: Esigaretshop Model: 30ML PET E-LIQUID FLES
Navul fles voor e-liquids. Bevat een kindveilige sluiting, maar geen zegelring net als bij de 10ml variant. Komt met een witte, dop, heldere tut en een helder flesje. ..
€ 1.25 Ex Tax:€ 1.03
Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill Clearomizer mondstuk
Bookwill Clearomizer - Mouthpiece ..
€ 1.50 Ex Tax:€ 1.24
Brand: Coil Master Model: COIL MASTER DIY KIT V3
Productgegevens  Deze nieuwste Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is een perfecte all-in-one kit voor DIYers. Alle tools zijn van hoogwaardige kwaliteit vervaardigd om aan de verschillende behoeften van de gebruikers te voldoen. Inhoud:  1 x Diagonal tangen  1 x Naald-neus tang  1 x RVS vouwsc..
€ 47.50 Ex Tax:€ 39.26
Brand: Esigaretshop Model: E-sigaret opberg etui lang
E-cigarette case long   Special case for your vaping equipment ..
€ 4.50 Ex Tax:€ 3.72
Brand: E-Smoking Model: E-Smoking Storage Box
€ 6.95 Ex Tax:€ 5.74
Brand: Esigaretshop Model: eGo E-cigarette case medium
eGo E-cigarette case medium   Special case for your vaping equipment ..
€ 4.50 Ex Tax:€ 3.72
Brand: Eleaf Model: Eleaf Melo 3 mini Pyrex glass
€ 3.95 Ex Tax:€ 3.27
Brand: Esigaretshop Model: HERBSTICK ECO MOUTHPIECE
Aantal: 1 stuk Herbstick eco vaporizer mondstukje Mondstukje voor de Herbstick eco vaporizer. * Bestel de HERBSTICK ECO MOUTHPIECE voor 16.00 uur en ontvang deze de volgende dag in huis ! * Op werkdagen ..
€ 4.95 Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Brand: Joyetech Model: Joyetech AIO DRIPTIP
Joyetech AIO DRIPTIP ..
€ 0.95 Ex Tax:€ 0.79
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