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Ages electric cigarette users 40 and 50 Plus

For e-cigarette users, the media quickly refers to young people in the schoolyard. Yet the figures show a completely different picture; no less than two-thirds of the number of users appears to be 40 or older. You can read this and more figures about e-cigarette users on this page.

Vaping is for older people

According to the research, two-thirds of the number of dampers was 40 years or older. A third is 50 years or older. This means that a large group of dampers belongs to the 40-50 age group. It appears to be mainly former smokers, the number of people who have never smoked before is very small. A large proportion of the people interviewed indicated that they would never have started smoking if there were earlier e-cigarettes on the market. The e-cigarette was used as an aid in approximately 15% of people who stopped smoking. There are, in percentage terms, more female users than male.

Although there are young people who give an e-cigarette a try, there are quite a few vaporizers under the age of 18. They are also not allowed to buy these products, even before this was legally prohibited, many stores already opted to set this age limit.

Why 40+ switches to the e-cigarette

It's no secret that cigarette smoking is unhealthy, even "Big Tobacco" has had to acknowledge this in court. People who have lost relatives and friends to cancer and other diseases are looking for ways to stop smoking. Stopping completely without an alternative is proving very difficult, nicotine replacement products such as plasters or chewing gum do not work for everyone. That is why this target group is looking for a solution in vapors. It looks like smoking but without tobacco or smoke. The Dutch government does not yet see e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking, which is striking in view of several studies (also from the Netherlands) that are drawing this exact conclusion.