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Another 5 fables about e-cigarettes

Another 5 fables about e-cigarettes

In the previous 5 fables about e-cigarettes you could already read which fairy tales are told about fumes. Here are five stories about electric cigarettes that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale book!

Note: These 5 fables about e-cigarettes are not intended as a recommendation for e-smoking.

1. E-cigarettes are dangerous for children

Children should not start with e-cigarettes, it is a hobby for 18+. That does not mean that cigarettes are the big danger. Vapor is not carcinogenic and there are e-liquids without addictive nicotine. There is no research that suggests that vapors are harmful, yet we advise parents not to let their children under the age of 18 fume.

2. Vapors lead to smoking

This is the same myth as "weed smoking leads to hard drugs". These are not A to B scenarios, they are separate from each other. Vapors is for many a less unhealthy alternative to smoking, why should someone who vaporizes to dirty cigarettes change?

3. Batteries can explode on electric cigarettes

The chance that a battery explodes in an e-cigarette is minimal, provided you take care of your equipment. The voltage of the battery on your smartphone is greater, and you hold it against your ear and straight in front of your eyes.

4. E-cigarettes affect the teeth and gums

This is a fable with an actual core but an incorrect interpretation: smoking is narrowing the blood vessels, when the transition to vapors this narrowing will recover. This healing process is sometimes seen as a problem, whereas it is the other way around.

5. Tobacco smoking is cheaper

This depends very much on the type of e-liquid and the equipment you use. In most cases, a similar way of fumes is cheaper than traditional smoking. But you can make it as expensive as you want.

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