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Are there dangerous chemicals in e-cigarettes?

Toxins in e-liquids for e-cigarettes?Many people get their information from Facebook or other social media channels. There is certainly factual information, but there is also a lot of nonsense. It is sometimes difficult to determine the category in which a message falls, such as a message that e-cigarettes contain ten times more carcinogenic substances than cigarettes with tobacco. Is this really the case or not? The news site investigated.

Is vaping ten times as dangerous as smoking?

The Virals Online website announced in 2017 that e-cigarettes contain ten times more carcinogenic substances than normal cigarettes. That is quite a claim, especially because most publications claim that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to health. We would like to link to the source, but Virals Online is offline nowadays with little chance of returning. The report cited the German cancer research center Heidelberg as the source of this information.

Is it really true?

The research center exists, so far it is true. But Dr. Ute Mons has no idea where these numbers come from. He indicates that most scientists believe that e-cigarettes contain much less harmful substances than cigarettes. So Virals Online's claims are not from Heidelberg.

Why is this type of misinformation online?

The 95 percent number we just mentioned comes from the British government. This is an estimate, but it does favor fumes over smoking. This applies to most studies. In 2019 there were suddenly a number of people in America who died, here unofficial products with dangerous ingredients turned out to be the culprit. No, not the THC from cannabis, but a Vitamin E acetate proved to be life-threatening. That e-liquids are dangerous or weed also appeared out of the blue. The press is fighting for the reader's favor and needs to respond quickly to new information. And sometimes the numbers of visitors are chosen rather than the facts.