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Asthma and e-cigarettes

Study shows improvements in asthma patients after switching to e-cigarette

Smoking is a strange habit. You pay blue for cigarettes, which ensure that you smell dirty, get yellow fingers and run enormous health risks. But this is how addictions work, even when we know how destructive they can be, it is extremely difficult to get rid of the addiction. This applies twice for asthma patients who already have difficulty breathing, which of course does not improve because of smoking. Research has been conducted at the University of Catania to determine the effects of vapors on asthma patients.

Small-scale research with a major impact

A study with only eighteen test subjects is not yet representative, but it is a start. Because never before has the effect of e-cigarettes on smoking asthma patients been tested. In this study, there were smokers who would switch completely to vapors, and people who would test a combination of smoking and vapors. The results were observed objectively by spirometry, and subjectively by asking about personal experiences. Positive results were achieved in both cases. On the one hand no objective observable degradation of the lung function was found, on the other hand the test subjects indicated that they felt better than smoking alone. The group that smoked and steamed combined opted less and less for a real cigarette.

Not worse, not better

It would be great if we could conclude that fumes make asthma patients better, but unfortunately we cannot go that far. Although there was no deterioration in the objective measurements, there was also no improvement in lung function. Because the test subjects themselves indicated that they felt better with fumes than with cigarette smoking, a positive conclusion could be drawn. The physical results of long-term vapors instead of smoking in asthma patients are not yet known, but most doctors agree that vapors are less hazardous to health than smoking.