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Best box mod 2019 for every category

Just as nobody can agree on the tastiest beer or the best pop band, there is also intense discussion about the best box mod to steam with. Before the steam comes out of your ears, you will find some good candidates for 2019 on this page. They are not definitive choices, your preferences may differ, it is primarily intended as a starting point. In addition, we should not recommend e-cigarettes and related articles due to EU legislation.

Jacvapour Series S22 for all-round use
This is a device that is suitable for both MTL and DTL vaping, so mouth-to-lung and vapor-to-lung. For many, this is the best box mod because it is a powerful device that is nevertheless very user-friendly. The S22 recognizes the coil itself and sets the wattage on it. The 2600mAh battery is also more than sufficient for most users.

Innokin EZ Watt (35 Watt) for beginners
The name says it all, this is a very simple mod that is no more difficult to use than a standard e-cigarette. The power is insufficient for sub-Ohm dampers, but for MTL it is more than sufficient. With three settings you can vary without having to fiddle with settings for hours.

Geekvape Aegis (100 Watt) for extreme use
This product is resistant to shocks and water, the ideal companion for hiking, extreme sports or forgetful dampers who take a shower with their e-cigarette. It is also a sleek design and has full temperature control.

Aspire Skystar (210 Watt) for long-term use
Although it is a fairly elegant cabinet, this box mod has room for two 18650 batteries. So you can advance a while, you can also use this device for sub-Ohm fumes. The Skystar is also equipped with temperature control.

What is the best box mod?
The best box mod is the device that you can handle well, and that has all the functionality that you want without unnecessary things that keep you from steaming. Keep in mind that not all products are available in Europe, due to the rules or simply for commercial reasons of the supplier.