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Best buy e-cigarette starter set

Best buy e-cigarette starter set

The history of the electric cigarette goes further than you may think. As early as 1963, a device was patented that was able to vaporise odors and flavors. This invention came from Herbert A. Gilbert, he knew no great success. Nowadays the market for e-cigarettes is expanding rapidly and many people want to buy the best e-cigarette starter set. But how do you determine the best electric cigarette?

Note: We do not recommend specific products but indicate what you can pay attention to when buying the best e-cigarette.

How can you buy the best e-cigarette starter set?

First of all, you must start from your personal preference. There are brands and models designed for ease of use, other types are again very suitable for people who want to exercise optimal control over the temperature and the amount of vapor. With a starter set you get a complete e-cigarette with all the parts to get started immediately including e-liquid.

Do you have to buy more than an e-cigarette starter set?

Eventually you will have to replace most parts. The e-liquid will run out first, then the coils. The battery will last a lot longer. If you want to change the characteristics of your starter set you can purchase coils with a lower resistance for "sub-Ohmen", so you will have to use a different type of e-liquid. Not all complete sets offer the option to apply this kind of advanced techniques.

The modern electric cigarette

In 2004, Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, launched the modern e-cigarette as we know it today. A year later, this invention was also sold internationally. The original goal was to help stop smoking.

Buy the best e-cigarette starter set on the basis of your wishes and preferences. Also take into account adjustments or expansions in the future.