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Choosing the best e-cigarette is very personal

Choosing the best e cigarette is just like choosing between filter cigarettes or shag; it is a personal choice where not one winner can be identified. Of course there are brands and models that are popular and well appreciated such as the products of eGo, Justfog and eVod. Nevertheless, we will try to choose the best e-cigarette, and how you can make the best choice yourself.


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Note: You will find general information about electric cigarettes on this page, the reader may decide for himself what the best e-cigarette is and whether this product is suitable for the intended purpose.

What is the best e-cigarette?

What one person finds fantastic is nothing at all for the other person. There are not many e-cigarettes on the market for nothing, they all appeal to a different target group. Here are our criteria to choose the best e cigarette:

Ease of use: Nobody wants to wrestle through a fist-thick manual before a well comes out of the electric cigarette. The system must be easy to use.
Complete: We personally love starter sets that can be used directly from the box. If you have to order separate parts from five webshops to make a start, the fun is quickly gone.

Expandable: There are models that can be clicked into after a few days, and boxmods where you can replace every part. We prefer a device that works immediately, but can be further expanded as desired.

Design: Do you want an e-cigarette that looks like a real cigarette, or do you like a boxmod with an LCD display and a colorful print? The eye also wants something, with e-cigarettes you can go in all directions.

The best e cigarette according to sales figures
These five toppers are also suitable for beginners:

  • EGo CE4
  • EVod 2
  • Mini e-cigarette
  • Justfog Passthrough
  • Justfog Q16

The best e-cigarette is the product that matches your wishes and preferences. So view the complete range and make your choice.