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Better to buy an e-smoker online or in store?

You have made the decision to purchase an electric cigarette, but where can you go? Are you someone who buys everything online, or do you prefer to go to a store where you can look someone in the eye? We set out the benefits for an e-smoker online or in store.

e-smoker buy online or in store

Compare an e-smoker buy online or in store

We look at it from the positive side; here are the advantages of both sales channels:

  • Benefits of buying electric cigarettes in the store
  • Contact with a person in person.
  • You can feel and compare.
  • It is possible to ask questions directly.
  • There is a fixed location for service and support.

Benefits of ordering electric cigarette online

  • The webshop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Read independent experiences from users.
  • The prices are often lower on the internet.
  • You can compare many brands and models.
  • The Purchase or Distance Act offers security.
  • Many webshops offer extensive service and support.

Conclusion: Buying an e-smoker online or in store? Since you read this article on the internet, you will not be surprised that we have a preference for ordering in the webshop. Nevertheless, we understand that there is a group of users who prefer to go to the store. Therefore choose the way you feel good!