To discourage the use of nicotine, strict rules are set on the amount of e-liquid that can be sold. A few years ago, the sale of products containing nicotine was limited to a maximum of 10 ml. Alternatively, the Shake-n-Vapes came on the market; larger vials without nicotine that are provided with this substance with a "nicotine booster". So shaking and vapors, but since July 2019 this is a thing of the past in the Netherlands.

How does Shake-n-Vape work?

At Shake-n-Vape you buy a container of liquid without nicotine, for example 50 ml. You also buy a 10ml bottle of nicotine booster based on 18mg nicotine. Mix the liquids, shake briefly and you have 60 ml of e-liquid with a nicotine content of 3 mg.

No more shaking and vaping

This detour is therefore prohibited from July 2019. Even liquids intended for electric cigarettes that do not contain nicotine may not be sold in quantities larger than 10 ml. It no longer makes sense to sell nicotine boosters.

What about 0 mg e-liquid?

The same rules apply to 0 mg e-liquids as apply to liquids containing nicotine. They may be sold up to a maximum of 10 ml per container, and only to adults 18 years of age or older. The fact that there are no addictive substances in these e-liquids is not relevant here.

What does this mean for vaping?

The Sub-Ohm vapers in particular will notice this new legislation, with this type of vapors more e-liquid is used, which means that the stock will run out faster. Purchasing 10ml bottles again and again will not only be more expensive, it will also take more effort. Is this law meant to protect us, or is it a discouragement of fumes as an alternative to smoking?