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There are many smokers who switch to an electric cigarette and then return to cigarettes. They find electronic dampers too complicated, and just want the familiar experience of the past, but without the harmful smoke. The Blu e-cigarette meets this requirement, with the Blu Pod system they make vapors simple and as familiar as smoking. But without tar and soot in the lungs.

What is the Blu e-cigarette?

The Blu e-cigarette is a simple damper that works on the basis of a 350 mAh battery that is rechargeable via a micro USB port. You do not need to set anything else, in fact, it is not even possible to adjust settings. No liquids to cast next to it or resistances to adjust. Loading a Pod and fumes, it works even easier than lighting a cigarette.

How does the Blu Pod system work?

Many e-cigarettes work with separate e-liquid refills, you have to refill the tank yourself. The Blu Pod system makes it a lot easier to change cartridges. This makes this damper ideal for transferers. The system works on the basis of MTL, with the vapor going from the mouth to the lungs. The vapor production remains limited. In all respects, this electric cigarette is very much like smoking.

Standard aromas

E-cigarettes are often thought of as separate flavors such as bubblegum and other sweet treats. Smokers are not really waiting for that, they just want their familiar tobacco taste in a device without harmful smoke. Blu therefore offers a limited range of aromas that meet the requirements of former smokers. Think of a Roasted Blend, an American Blend and of course Menthol. The latter is not only fresh, but also ensures that you do not become immune to the aroma of tobacco. With Green Apple and Blueberry you can still vary a bit, with which the Blu e-cigarette is one step ahead of old-fashioned cigarettes.

Brand: Blu Model: Blu Prefilled Startset
This prefilled starter set from Blu comes with the following four PODs (18mg): Menthol (1.5ml) Blueberry (1.5 ml) Tobacco Roasted Blend (1.5ml) Tobacco American Blend (1.5ml) These pods are also available separately with a lower 9 mg nicotine content: Content set Blu battery..
€ 29.95 Ex Tax:€ 24.75
Brand: Blu Model: Blu Startset
This starter set is delivered without pods, these are available separately with nicotine concentrations 9mg and 18mg. The Blu e-cigarette has a built-in 350mAh battery that can be charged with a micro USB cable. You do not have to make anything that makes the device very easy to use. That is why ..
€ 19.95 Ex Tax:€ 16.49
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