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Blu e-cigarette and the Blu Pod system

The Blu e-cigarette is a lightweight electronic cigarette that has been developed for novice dampers. Individual cartridges can easily be replaced with the Blu Pod system. The company is owned by Fontem, which in turn is part of Imperial Tobacco. Originally the product was launched as the my. Von Erl by the company Von Erl but was later taken over. The design has remained virtually unchanged, but the range of aromas has been expanded further.

Blu e-cigarette

The damper is compact and very lightweight. The elongated form of cig-a-likes and the popular eGo model have been taken as the basis, with an update reminiscent of the American JUUL. The Blu e-cigarette does not look like a normal cigarette, but also does not look like the advanced boxmods, so this product will not really stand out in use. The system is made to simulate the traditional smoking experience. That means a modest amount of vapor with a relatively low power. This is called MTL vapors, the vapor goes through the mouth to the lungs.

Blu Podsystem

refillingworks with special cartridges that you can replace. The Blu Pod system offers various types of aromas, each of which is also available in various proportions of nicotine. By making use of nicotine salts, the 'hit' is very similar to tobacco, with e-liquid the absorption into the body is a little different. This means that an equal concentration of nicotine in this product may feel stronger for the user.

For regular use

The way in which this product is made is particularly suitable for the ex-smoker who wants to switch. That means not to inhale too quickly. In the first instance, a considerable amount of nicotine will be chosen, which can be added later as required. If you like to work with temperature settings and varying resistance, the Blu e-cigarette will be too limited in possibilities.