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Bookwill Coils

Bookwill Coils

E-cigarettes can differ in terms of construction. Disposable models are available, eGO models with a few individual parts or mods and box mods that can often be custom made. The coil is an important part, with this the liquid is heated and converted to vapor. Bookwill coils are not always replaceable, this depends on the type. It is important to use the correct coil type, otherwise it is possible that the device will splash or there is not enough e-liquid in the device.

Bookwill coils

The Bookwill brand produces e-cigarettes for the Dutch market, e-liquids and various accessories for their products. For some products the clearomizer forms a whole including the tank, this must then be replaced in its entirety after use. There are also models where the coil can be replaced separately. That makes maintenance a bit cheaper because fewer have to be replaced. For replacement products, choose accessories from the same brand such as Bookwill coils, or other reputable brands. Otherwise the vapor experience may be disappointing or even dangerous. Do-it-yourself coils are more suitable for experienced dampers and more extensive boxmods, the Bookwill products are aimed at a different target group.

How is a coil constructed?

The most important parts of a coil are the wire that is heated, and the 'wick' in which the e-liquid is included. The material of the wire and the way it is wound influences the resulting vapor. The wick is usually made from organic cotton, based on the mixing ratio of the liquid, more or less liquid will be absorbed. In other words; although the construction is basically very simple, many variations are possible. Keep this in mind when choosing Bookwill coils. If you are unsure which type is suitable for your damper, you should first contact the help desk.

Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill Coilhead units - H2
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