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Build your own box mod

6 x build your own box mod with strange parts!

Looking for a fun hobby project? How about building a box mod yourself? Put very simply are mods boxes where you can place other parts of an e-cigarette. Of course, the average hobbyist will not put together a device with which you can set temperature and resistance, but for simple boxmods you can get started with everyday items. On this page we share some striking examples.

Examples of special do-it-yourself box mods

1. Smint peppermint: You used to have Potters, now you see aluminum Smint boxes more often. That format is very suitable for the parts in an e-cigarette, and is therefore often used as the basis for beautiful mods.
2. Tape measure: Take a Stanley tape measure, remove the tape measure and then insert the parts for an e-cigarette. Your boss will think that you work so hard that your tape measure starts to smoke!
3. PVC pipe: Another versatile building material, and lightweight. We prefer to choose a product with less plastic, but you can turn it into a beautiful Cyberpunk fake gun.
4. Nintendo Gameboy: An old Gameboy housing seems to be made of stronger material than the average tank. They are hard to break. With standard game cartridges you have to blow to remove the dust, with these mods you have to inhale! Wii game controllers are also ideal for this, but don't shake too hard!
5. Beer can: Tobacco and alcohol are both bad for your health. Replace two bad habits by converting a beer can into an electric cigarette. The mouthpiece looks like a straw! This also works with cola cans for a very different "light" experience!
6. Tobacco box: Classic tobacco boxes were sometimes packed in aluminum boxes. Go for those important irony points by modifying an old-fashioned box of tobacco into an e-cigarette.

Why build a box mod yourself?
A measuring tape housing can serve as a camouflage while working, a Cyberpunk gun looks just cool. Only for fumes is a standard device from a famous brand better and safer, yet you can achieve very special results with do-it-yourself. What are you going to build?