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Buy a mod with built-in battery

Buy a mod with built-in battery

You can buy different brands and types of e-cigarettes, especially with the cheap all-in-one electric cigarettes you can replace little or no parts. When you use mods you have the choice between a mod with built-in battery and mods with separate batteries. You can read about the differences in practice on this page.

Note: We do not advise whether a mod with built-in battery is better than mods with separate batteries. That choice is personal, here you will only find information about these products.

This is how a mod works

Unlike e-cigarettes where everything is already built in, you have more choice and flexibility with mods. For advanced vapers it is ideal when you can decide which mod you use and what functionality it has. There are mods with separate battery available, you can also order a mod with built-in battery. Each type has specific advantages and disadvantages.

Why a mod with built-in battery?

With a mod without a battery you can charge the batteries via a separate charger, so you always have a reserve. On the other hand you know with a battery that is built in that the battery works optimally with the mod. Loading is normally done via a USB cable, depending on the brand and type you can use multiple types of USB chargers such as your mobile. A mod with built-in battery has fewer separate parts, which works a little easier. In case of a defective battery you will have to replace the full mod or have it repaired. Although serious vapers usually prefer seperate batteries and an external charger, there is no clear winner.

With mods and boxmods you can go in all directions, you have to be willing to carry out some research to achieve the best results.