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Buy a mod without a battery

Buy a mod without a battery

You can buy mods as a complete set, mods with battery or a mod without battery. If you already have an electric cigarette, and you want to replace the mod with a new one, it is not necessary to purchase everything again. With a mod without battery you can go further, you must of course order the right type.

Note: On this page we do not give advice for the purchase of a mod without a battery. You will only find information about these products here.

How does a mod work?

A mod is an electric cigarette that has a modular structure. This means that the enclosure can be replaced in separate parts. For example, to install coils of a different type, to use a mod with variable temperature or to install a new battery. You can order a mod without a battery and mods with a battery.

Mod without battery

If you want to order a mod replacement but already have a suitable battery, you can buy a separate mod without a battery. The battery can normally be charged when it is in the enclosure. Nevertheless, it may be advantageous to charge the battery separately. Especially when you want a backup battery at hand, a seperate charger is definitely recommended. Do not take any seperate batteries because they are not made to be transported separately, unless you bring them in a protective cover.

Boxmods offer more possibilities

Normal mods and boxmods are available. For real enthusiasts who want to exercise full control over the heating of the eliquid and other factors, you can buy special boxmods with or without a battery. The most common type is the 18650 model, but other types are also available.

If you want to replace the e-cigarette in separate parts, you can also buy a mod without a battery.