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Buy a vapor for large vapor clouds

Buy a vapor for large vapor clouds


Smoking, fumes, vapes ... there used to be not much choice. It is understandable that fumes are different from smoking, but is vaping the same as e-smoking? And what should you pay attention to when buying vapor? You can read the answers to these questions here!


Vaping or vaporizing?

In theory, e-smoking and vapes are exactly the same, only the language is different. Vaping is the English term, vapors are used in the Netherlands. However, vapen is usually used here to describe vapors with large vapor clouds. Some e-cigarettes produce a vapor that corresponds to the smoke that you can expect from a traditional cigarette. But you can also buy a vapor with which you produce huge clouds, which often also have a higher temperature.


Buy the right vapor

There are two main ingredients for e-liquids; PG liquid and VG liquid. PG or Propylene Glycol is a thin liquid, VG or Vegetable Glycerin is thicker. By adjusting the mixing ratio, the vapor experience will also be different. With a higher concentration of PG, the "throat hit" will become stronger, with VG the vapor will increase. Good e-liquids for vaping with a substantial vapor production will generally contain a higher VG share.


Is vapen harmful to health?

With tobacco, the answer is simple; smoking tobacco is unhealthy. With vaping it is more nuanced. It can be dangerous just as crossing the street can also be dangerous. If you cross over with a red light without looking, the chance of an accident is greater than if you followed the rules. If you steam responsibly, in addition to the addictive effect of nicotine, there is in principle no danger, as far as is known after years of research. With vapors with lower resistance a little more knowledge is required than with standard vapors.


Note the hardware!

You can't just buy vapor and put it in your MTL e-cigarette. Well, it is possible, but the result will not be pleasant. For this type of e-liquid you will usually need a sub-Ohm vaping device, in addition you will also have to adjust the temperature yourself. So make sure that the hardware connects to the "software", ie the fluid,