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Buy special liquids


You can buy cigarettes in light, heavy or menthol, there is not much more variety. Then you will be overwhelmed with all those special e-liquid flavors when switching to electric vapors. Why would you actually buy this kind of special liquids? Isn't it just about the amount of nicotine in the liquid? Not entirely, let's see some special e-liquids that you can order online.


Buy liquids without nicotine

Most switchers want to get rid of smoking. It is then important to buy a liquid that matches the taste and nicotine content of a cigarette as much as possible. That also means nicotine in the product. You can gradually reduce the nicotine concentration to get rid of your addiction. But you can also use vapors without nicotine. Why would you do this? That depends on the individual, the option to use special flavors of e-liquid plays an important role in this. Nowadays you can buy liquids with all kinds of flavors that have nothing to do with tobacco. Sometimes with nicotine but not always.


Special e-liquids

Here are some liquids with striking flavors:


  • Sweets: All kinds of sweet sweets are available in liquid form, with the advantage of less sugar than in real sweets. The sweet vapor can sometimes be a bit overwhelming!
  • Pastries: Instead of a dessert, after a meal you can also buy liquids with the taste of chocolate, lime tarts or strawberry sorbets. That saves a lot of calories compared to "the real thing".
  • Fruit: The taste of fruit without the vitamins. That does not seem an immediate advantage to us, it is nice that we no longer walk around with that annoying mandarin peel smell ...
  • The seven deadly sins: You can buy a brand of liquids that has translated the seven deadly sins into e-liquid flavors. Despite the threatening skull on the packaging, it mainly concerns fruit flavors.


Pay attention; do not buy liquids for children!

Although there are many "child-friendly" flavors of e-liquid for sale such as chewing gum or sweet fruit flavors, it is certainly not the intention to give children an electric cigarette. Even without nicotine, fumes can become a habit that you can't just stop. So be careful when buying special liquids and vapor responsibly!