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Buy temperature-adjustable boxmods

Buy temperature-adjustable boxmods

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, that's pretty obvious. When burning different substances, different temperatures are required. In addition, you also have complete combustion or incomplete. With electric cigarettes it is possible to refine the taste with temperature-adjustable box mods without burning the eliquid. You can read how this works on this page.

Note: We do not advise to buy specific temperature adjustable boxmods, we only provide information.

Temperature adjustable box mods

How do temperature adjustable box mods work?

You may already know that there are mods and boxmods available that let you replace different parts of the electric cigarette, so you can completely change the characteristics of the e-cigarette. Temperature-adjustable boxmods are all about the heat that is released. In combination with special coils that have a low resistance, the voltage can remain low. The taste remains intact without burning. And that is important with vaping, because it is not smoking by burning as is the case with a traditional cigarette.

Why set the temperature yourself?

The taste of the eliquid will be different when it is heated to a different temperature. With most e-cigarettes, a "sweetspot" has been chosen with a temperature that creates a familiar taste. The "modders" in the vaping community keep control over all aspects of vapors, and temperature-adjustable boxmods can have a significant influence on the taste. The costs of this type of boxmods are slightly higher, although the price difference is not huge.




Only for experienced vapers

We advise novice users of electric cigarettes not to make it too complicated for themselves, so wait with temperature adjustable box mods until you have more experience. If you are a serious vaper, these types of mods are almost indispensable to achieve that perfect balance of taste and feeling.

Temperature-adjustable boxmods allow you to influence the taste of the e-cigarette by heating the eliquid at different temperatures.