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Can cigarette smoke spread the Corona virus?

Can corona virus be transmitted through cigarette smoke?We have known for years that secondhand smoking, the inhalation of smoke that someone else blows out, is harmful. Whether this also applies to vapors from an electric cigarette is not yet entirely clear. But can exhaled cigarette smoke also spread the Corona virus? And if so, is the risk higher or lower than normal exhalation? RIVM has published their views on this, these are the consequences of the investigation.

Spread Corona through cigarette smoke

COVID-19 is a virus that mainly spreads through saliva and human contact. This is therefore possible through the vapor we exhale, which is why a distance of 1.5 meters is used in the Netherlands. Smoke that someone blows out when smoking would have the same effect. Probably no more or less. So when you smoke and blow out the smoke, that cigarette smoke can spread the Corona virus in addition to the known harmful substances.

Together in the smoking area

In many places it is no longer allowed to smoke, smokers often have to smoke together on a corner. If the 1.5 meter distance is not taken into account, smokers are therefore at increased risk of infection. This makes "social" smokers and bystanders a risk group. In addition, smoking reduces lung function and affects resistance. So there is now an additional reason to quit smoking, because the deadly Coronavirus is an additional risk for smokers.


  • Why stop smoking during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Smoking reduces lung function and affects other processes in the body. Stopping makes the body stronger immediately.
  • The risk of infection is higher among smokers.
  • The risk of serious consequences of the Coronavirus is also higher.
  • The virus can be spread through cigarette smoke, allowing the virus to spread further.