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Can you buy e-liquid everywhere?

If you are going to vapor, you need liquid in addition to the e-cigarette. Does it matter where you buy the device and can you buy e-liquid anywhere? There are so many types of liquid available and so many stores that offer them that you can hardly see the e-forest because of the e-trees. Let's start by taking a closer look at the composition of e-liquids.

What is in e-liquid?

The liquid used in an e-cigarette consists of:

  • PG - Propylene glycol

And / or

  • VG - Vegetable glycerin
Usually it concerns a mixing ratio of for example 70/30, but it can also be pure PG or VG.

In addition, flavorings are added and optionally also nicotine in different concentrations. Liquids without nicotine can also be bought everywhere, for users who do not need this addictive substance.

Tastes differ

All kinds of ingredients are used for the flavors, it is not always immediately clear what these are. For example, it is not necessarily the case that vanilla flavor is used in a vanilla flavor. This can for example also be beaver horny, an animal product that comes from (excited?) Beavers. Another name for this is castoreum. Not to be scared, but this flavor is also found in vanilla ice cream. Anyway a scoop of strawberry next time?

You can buy e-liquids anywhere but ...

There are people who are hypersensitive to propylene glycol, who can opt for e-liquids with less or no PG. You can also easily avoid nicotine by ordering liquids without nicotine. You have to be careful with the flavoring agents, but it is good to know that e-liquids in Europe must meet strict conditions. So you run little risk of getting hazardous substances. With tobacco you know for sure that you inhale harmful substances.

Where should you buy e-liquid?

You can buy e-liquid almost everywhere, ultimately you choose a store or website that meets your needs. You cannot expect much expertise in an office bookstore, an online specialist can often explain more to you. Besides the price, pay attention to the delivery conditions and service, so you choose a reliable point of sale for all your vapor needs.