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Charger & cables

Just as there are plenty of brands and models of e-cigarettes available, you can also choose from a wide range of chargers and cables. Does it matter which you buy, or can you immediately choose the cheapest type? There are some 'standard' connections such as the 510, 18650, 21700 and the eGo. They all have a different connection. In addition, many models will also have a micro USB connection. That seems very easy, but it is advisable to use product-specific chargers and cables if possible. Because the micro-USB connector is usually fragile and can break quickly. Therefore, use a battery charger and limit the charging with the USB cable to a minimum.

What types of chargers and cables can be purchased?

Unfortunately, 'standard' does not always mean 'standard', in the case of electric cigarettes, different standards can be distinguished. These are:

  • 510: If it concerns an e-cigarette with a 510 connection, then these chargers and cables will be provided with a 510 connection and screw thread.

  • 18650 and 21700: With an extended mod or boxmod, there will usually be one or two batteries of the 18650 or 21700 type. You can charge it in an external charger, as you may know from other rechargeable batteries. Charging in the device is then not possible.

  • eGO: This connection often occurs on MTL dampers, which are the e-cigarettes that ex-smokers often use because the experience is very similar to normal smoking. This charger is about the thread of the eGO connection.

  • Micro-USB: If there is a Micro-USB connection on the device, you can use it to charge the device directly. Keep in mind that these connectors are not always solidly built. When the battery is removable, separate charging is preferred.

Note with telephone chargers with micro USB connection. These chargers and cables do not usually supply the same voltage as real e-cigarette charging equipment. Contact the supplier if you have any questions.

ASPIRE BREEZE CHARGING DOCK   De Aspire Breeze heeft een batterij van 650 mAh. Met deze compacte charging dock van 2000 mAh kunt u uw e sigaret opladen waar u wilt. ProductgegevensAspire Breeze oplaadstation.   ..
€ 15.95 Ex Tax:€ 13.18
Brand: Bookwill Model: Bookwill eGo e-cigarette usb charger
eGo e-cigarette usb charger ..
€ 4.50 Ex Tax:€ 3.72
Brand: E-Smoking Model: E-Smoking Charger voor 230v
€ 4.50 Ex Tax:€ 3.72
Brand: E-Smoking Model: E-Smoking micro USB oplaadkabel
E-Smoking micro USB oplaadkabel ..
€ 2.50 Ex Tax:€ 2.07
Brand: E-Smoking Model: E-Smoking Portable Charger
€ 14.95 Ex Tax:€ 12.36
Brand: E-Smoking Model: E-Smoking USB Car Charger Black HQ
€ 12.95 Ex Tax:€ 10.70
Brand: E-Smoking Model: E-Smoking USB Charger Premium
€ 4.95 Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Brand: Efest Model: Efest LUC Mini oplader
Efest LUC Mini charger   NOTE: Use special caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled. Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, ..
€ 17.50 Ex Tax:€ 14.46
Brand: Efest Model: LUC S2 oplader
Efest LUC S2 oplader ..
€ 29.95 Ex Tax:€ 24.75
Productgegevens  Laad uw batterij eenvoudig en snel op met deze Efest K1 oplader. De K1 is een oplader met plaats een enkele batterij en heeft een micro usb input en laad via 1ampere. Het led indicatie lampje geven aan of de batterij aan het laden is en natuurlijk wanneer deze volledig opgeladen i..
€ 8.95 Ex Tax:€ 7.40
Productgegevens  Laadt uw batterijen nog sneller op met de Efest Slim K2 batterij oplader. In de K2 is ruimte voor twee batterijen met een micro-USB input en 1A opladen. De K2 bevat led indicatie lampjes waarbij u kan zien of de batterijen aan het laden zijn en wanneer ze volledig opgeladen zijn. ..
€ 11.95 Ex Tax:€ 9.88
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