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Cheap box mods

What are the differences between expensive and cheap box mods?

If you sometimes see prices of e-cigarettes you still have to swallow before you take out the payment card, pay more than a hundred euros for a cupboard that releases steam? What is the difference between expensive and cheap box mods, and is it really worth it? Let's list some important points of interest to distinguish cheaply from expensive-cheap.

What do cheap box mods cost?
For around forty euros you can already buy box mods in the Dutch (web) store. Outside Europe you can find even cheaper options, but then you have no guarantee that the device works properly. Most devices fluctuate between fifty and eighty euros, from roughly one hundred euros you are in the luxury segment. This does not include consumables such as coils and liquids.

What to look out for:

● Battery: The cheaper the device, the greater the chance that the battery is not interchangeable. When replacing the battery you have to replace the entire device. Also note the capacity of the battery that is supplied.
● Construction: The build quality per e-cigarette can vary considerably. They are consumer items, and not everyone handles them carefully. For heavy use or awkward dampers, a sturdy housing is definitely recommended.
● Prices of parts: The purchase price is only the beginning, after that you will actually start using the product. If you then buy a device that only works with its own, expensive parts, you will end up expensive after a while.
● Possibilities: Not everyone wants to set the temperature to the degree or sub-ohm fumes. If you do need it, you will have to spend a little more for an optimal experience.

Is making your own cupboard cheaper?
In principle you can make an e-cigarette from every box, so yes that is cheaper. But you have no guarantee, you spend a considerable amount of time with it and it can even be dangerous. As a hobby project it is nice to get started with a DIY box mod, but you will probably want to keep a normal cheap box mod.