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Are cheap liquids from China safe?

Often the conclusion until the end of an article is saved, but we turn it around; cheap liquids from China may be safe but maybe not. Unfortunately, that is not a clear conclusion, so let's look at how Chinese import liquids (may) differ from products from Europe.

Three criteria of e-liquid
These are the three main criteria that liquid for an electric cigarette must meet:

1. Is it clear what the ingredients are? The main components of e-liquids are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). In addition, nicotine can be added to the liquid, aroma and distilled water. If the number of ingredients on the package is extremely long, or not present at all, then you must be careful.
2. Are the ingredients also pure? PG and VG are used in many products, including cosmetics and food. So nothing special, that also applies to most additions. But what is the purity of these ingredients, are there any residues?
3. How is hygiene handled? Many products in the supermarket say "may contain traces of nuts". Because somewhere in the factory hazelnut paste might be simmering in a pan. If a bucket of asbestos or turpentine happens to be in the corridor, you don't want to get it into your lungs by accident.

Are cheap liquids from China safe?
In the EU there are strict rules for suppliers of e-liquids, so not necessarily the manufacturer. It may simply be located in China, but the importer or brand takes responsibility for the product. This is not the case for unbranded articles from outside the EU, there is no one who takes responsibility for these liquids. In addition, copies of branded items are still in circulation, and that difference is often difficult to distinguish. Probably very good products will be made that meet all the requirements that you can set as a user, the problem is that you have no certainty. And there is nobody to hold you liable if something turns out to be wrong.

So our conclusion is that cheap Chinese liquids can be safe, but that we will not put our hand into it (or the vapor!).