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Choose e-liquid ratios for clearomizers

Choose e-liquid ratios for clearomizers

Not every type of e-liquid is the same. The ratio of Propylene Glycol to Organic Glycerin determines how thick the liquid is. This influences the way in which vapors are used, since you cannot use every liquid in every e-cigarette. You can divide the use into two categories; MTL and DTL e-cigarettes. On this page we explain the influence of the mixing ratios of e-liquid on electric cigarettes, and how you choose the right liquid for your clearomizer.

Note: We indicate the differences between the different types of e-liquid, this is not intended as a recommendation for a specific product.

PG and VG e-liquids

Propylene glycol or PG is a thinner liquid than Organic Glycerin or VG. PG fluid is thus absorbed more quickly in the coil of the clearomizer. VG, on the other hand, is a thicker liquid that is less likely to be absorbed in the coil.

MTL clearomizer

MTL cigarettes are the logical choice for smokers. MTL stands for Mouth To Lung, you smoke from your mouth over the lungs. These e-cigarettes work on the basis of a lower wattage and produce less heat. The coils are usually smaller in size and have a higher resistance. The holes in the coils are small, and are particularly suitable for thinner liquids. That means a higher PG share in the e-liquid. This way the wick in the coil is moistened well, and you prevent a "dry hit".

Standard ratios MLT e-liquid

These are the standard proportions that are suitable for Mouth To Lung e-cigarettes:

  • 70PG / 30VG
  • 50PG / 50VG
  • 40PG / 60VG

DTL clearomizer

The abbreviation DTL stands for Direct To Lung, which means that the vapor goes directly to the lungs. This experience corresponds to smoking a water pipe. DTL fumes work on the basis of a higher wattage with higher temperatures. The coils are generally larger in size and have a lower resistance. The larger holes in the coil lend themselves better to e-liquids that are thicker, when using thin liquids, splashes can occur that can come out of the mouthpiece.

Standard proportions of DTL e-liquid

These are the standard proportions that are suitable for Direct To Lung e-cigarettes:

  • 40PG / 60VG
  • 30PG / 70VG
  • 20PG / 80VG
  • 10PG / 90VG
  • 100 percent VG

What are juice holes?

If the coils are provided with small holes to allow e-liquid to flow into the wick, liquid based on PG will be more suitable. If the holes are small, you must maintain a maximum of 60 percent VG. Otherwise you risk a dry hit and a wick that burns. Not only does this taste enormously dirty, it can also be dangerous. If the coils have larger holes, you better opt for an e-liquid with a higher VG share. Then choose a minimum of 60 percent. If you opt for a lower VG content, leakage can occur, and splashes can come from the mouthpiece.

What is a dry hit?

In addition to a filament, there is also a wick in the coil, which is a piece of fabric such as cotton that will absorb liquid that is then evaporated. If the liquid is too thick for the juice holes, the wick will not become sufficiently moist. When you then heat the filament, there is no evaporation of liquid but a burning of the wick. And we call that a "dry hit". In addition to wasting a good coil, with electric fumes it is precisely the intention not to burn any materials. Because it is unhealthy to get the substances from burning in your lungs.

When purchasing e-liquid, take the ratio between PG and VG into account, based on your electric cigarette.