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Choose the best e liquid for your damper

Choose the best liquid for your damper

You have ordered a beautiful new damper, a major upgrade compared to your first and trusted MTL electric cigarette. But now it appears that your favorite liquid does not produce the desired vapor. The temperature is not right, the taste is different and moreover you do not get the same "kick" that you were used to. Money thrown away or is there something else going on? We help you choose the best liquid for your damper.

Not all liquid is the same

There are different concentrations of nicotine available, and more flavors than you can ever try. In addition, there is another important factor to take into account with e-smoking, and that is the liquid that you use in the device. You can buy the standard liquids for a standard MTL electric cigarette, but if you have a mod or box mod with adjustable temperature and a sub-ohm coil, it will be slightly different.


"Viscosity" is the term for how fluid a fluid is. Water is very fluid, syrup is very thick and ... well so viscous! To get the right ratio for an electric cigarette, liquids are mixed together. In addition, PG is thinner while VG is thicker. A higher viscosity means that the e liquid will be less liquid.

Sub Ohmen

A popular activity of the damper community is the so-called "Sub Ohmen". A coil with a different winding of the filament is used for this, allowing you to create a variable resistor. When the resistance is lower than 1 Ohm we speak of Sub Ohmen. With a lower value you will need a thicker e liquid, with a higher value you will opt for thinner liquids. Otherwise you can expect unexpected effects. It is therefore quite possible that your trusted liquid no longer tastes the same in a new damper.

Try different types of liquid

In addition to the viscosity, it is also partly a question of trying out and finding the mixing ratio that gives you the desired effect. Start with the recommended liquids and continue experimenting from there to realize the optimum vapor experience for you.