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Choosing e-cigarette?

How can you choose a good E-cigarette?

You have seen them all in a row in the webshop; Eleaf, Justfog, Innokin, Smok and all those other brands of e-cigarettes. Choosing an e-cigarette is not made easy with so much choice. It is not so much about the quality, the products you order in the Netherlands are all well controlled. We help you quickly to make a good choice for an electric cigarette that you will enjoy.

Note: We do not advertise specific products, you will only find information here so that you can choose an e-cigarette that suits your needs.

Choose the right e-cigarette

By answering a few questions you can put together a customer profile. Here are the main concerns when choosing an e-cigarette:

Light smoker or heavy smoker

E-cigarettes work with a battery, when you want to switch to vapors as a heavy smoker you have to pay attention to the capacity of the battery. With a number of products you can change the battery, disposable e-cigarettes have a fixed battery.

With or without pass-through

If you can not or do not want to exchange a battery, an e-cigarette with pass-through can offer a solution. Then you can load and fume at the same time. That can be useful in the car.

E-cigarette or box mod

There are e-cigarettes, e-cigars and even e-pipes that can hardly be distinguished from the normal versions. If you like more options, a boxmod is more for you. Although there are small variants available on the market, you have to take into account that boxmods are larger than standard e-cigarettes.

Normal or Sub Ohm

If you want to vaporize at high temperatures or inhale a lot of vapor, you will need a clearomizer with Sub Ohm coil. These products are more suitable for the more experienced damper, there is also an e-liquid with a different composition to prevent splashing.

With these points of interest, choosing a good e-cigarette will become a lot easier.