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There are electric cigarettes that are no longer the same as a normal cigarette with tobacco. The shape is different, it has buttons, touch screens and other gadgets. They look more like smartphones with vapor than that old familiar cigarette. For the people who want to quit smoking, but do not want to switch to high tech gadgets that produce huge vapor clouds, there is the cig-a-like. That is an e-cigarette that looks like a standard (filter) cigarette but then works on the basis of e-liquid.

Why use a cig-a-like?

The first e-cigarettes were cig-a-likes, electronic dampers that were virtually indistinguishable from normal filter cigarettes. The intention was to offer invalid smokers an alternative without harmful smoke, but with the nicotine that so many smokers are addicted to. Instead of burning tobacco, a liquid is evaporated that is not harmful to health (the ingredients are also used in food, cosmetics and other products), with added nicotine in different concentrations.

Convenience serves people

You can try to get rid of smoking by throwing away your last package, sticking nicotine patches, sucking sweets or stopping for another four weeks every Stoptober. But that urge for a butt between the lips remains. A cig-a-like looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette and does not stand out unlike more advanced mods or boxmods. You don't have to press a button, a lighter is not necessary, take a take and you're done. When the e-liquid has run out, replace the 'filter' with a new one, and the battery will recharge.

Reducing the need for a nicotine

A cig-a-like is less harmful but does not immediately remove the need for nicotine. Many products are available in concentrations from 18 mg to 0 mg. In this way you can gradually reduce the need. Try not to do this too quickly, otherwise you run the risk of putting up a butt again.