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Cigarette manufacturers deceive on their packaging

Misleading packaging of cigarettesFood packaging often shows in detail which nutrients are contained, far behind the decimal point. Have you ever thought where these numbers come from? Is there special measuring equipment for this, or is it wet finger work? The good news is that measurements of cigarettes are very accurate, the bad news is that manufacturers do this in a misleading way.

The numbers lie (not)

According to the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), there was a pack of cigarettes with 26 times as much tar as stated on the pack. All products seemed to give far too low values ​​compared to actual use. This is because the measurement method in Europe is not correct according to the RIVM. For example, you go from 1 milligram of tar in a Marlboro Prime cigarette to 26.1 milligrams. If your cheese shop has a scale with this deviation, you would not accept this. Tobacco producers see the numbers more as a comparison between products, but they do not seem to find the real value in practice that important. This does not explain why actual values ​​are sometimes 2x and sometimes 26x higher than reality. That the designation was incorrect was previously expected, that the differences would vary so much, it was a shock to the State Secretary for Health.

What does it matter?

Let's face it, if you know that Belinda Super Kings cigarettes contain 36.3 milligrams of tar instead of 10 milligrams, would you quit smoking? It doesn't really matter what it says on the package, as long as it tastes the way you want and if it provides the desired amount of nicotine. Smoking is harmful to health, but it is true that cigarettes are even worse than claimed. How unhealthy do cigarettes have to be before people really quit? In time you will stop automatically, but you will not be able to enjoy that moment for long ...