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Cigarettes hoarding not popular

You can not ignore it; the Hamster weeks of the Albert Heijn. The term "hoarding" has, of course, been around for much Hoarding cigaretteslonger, named after the well-known rodents that transport food in their cheek pouches to a warehouse. Now there is really a reason to hoard, and the government says that we should not do this. What is going to be major during the Corona crisis? Scoupy figured it out.

What do the receipts say?

Scoupy compared receipts from the same period last year to the period after the Corona measures were announced. It was not the rolls that sold the most toilet paper, but bags of rice and shelf-stable pasta such as spaghetti and macaroni. Medicines and soup were also bought in bulk. In particular, durable products. Alcohol and tobacco, on the other hand, were sold less. Does the Dutch population no longer need that?

Why alcohol and tobacco are sold less

As for alcohol, it becomes clear that it is not a "basic necessity" for many people. Bottles are also heavy and crates are too big to carry around in the shopping cart. There can be several causes for tobacco and cigarettes. Firstly, because many people have switched from cigarettes to, for example, the electric cigarette compared to last year. Secondly, the legislation has been tightened, making it much more difficult to buy cigarettes. The golden edge of this pandemic may be that people are now really going to stop smoking.

Online sales are increasing

Scoupy only has a view of receipts, which do not tell the complete story. What is sold in all webshops was not included in this comparison. For example, there are online tobacconists and webshops that sell e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Legislation has also been tightened up online, and the tax on tobacco has recently been increased considerably. If you smoke or smoke, we also advise you to keep a safe distance, and not to share cigarettes or e-cigarettes.