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Coil and wick material

Coil and wick material

Without coil and wick you can not electrically fumes. The coil is a wire that warms on the basis of the resistance, the wick is the wick that divides the liquid in the e-cigarette. The coil and wick material may differ. This will not be of importance to the average damper, but users of boxmods benefit from the coil and wick material for fine tuning of the vapor experience. You can even make your own coils if you want. On this page you can read more about the structure of coils and the materials that are used.

Note: We give this information about coil and wick material as background information about electric fumes. We do not advise to make coils ourselves because of course there are risks involved.

Coil materials

The metal wire in the coil ensures the correct resistance. A thinner wire will provide more resistance per unit than a thicker wire. Popular materials are Kanthal, nichrome and Gplat. The last option is a brand product with a (partly) unknown composition.

Wick materials

In addition to the character that Keanu Reeves plays in the popular film series, "wick" stands for "fuse". This is the material for the evaporation that is located under the metal wire. Usually organic cotton is used for the wicks, silicon is a popular alternative to cotton, also bamboo yarn is possible. The chosen material influences the taste and the amount of vapor.

Buy coil and wick material

You can buy both the metal wire and the materials for the wick in the regular trade, in addition there are also products that have been specially developed for vapors. Although the standard coils will be amply sufficient for most users by far, there is a target group of hobbyists who would like to experiment with different materials and possibilities. Because you are busy with resistance and heating, it is important to work carefully and accurately.