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Combining e-cigarette with snus

Nicotine is an addictive substance that occurs naturally in tobacco, but in itself is not dangerous to take. It is the thousands of chemicals that are formed during the burning of tobacco that cause numerous horrific diseases such as cancer. That is why there are various products on the market that also contain nicotine but work without incineration. For example, the e-cigarette has proven to be a popular alternative to smoking, but that does not help everyone get rid of tobacco. In Sweden they have a product that is regularly combined with vapors; snus. What is snus and why is this product banned in the rest of Europe?

What is snus?

Snus is a powder that is used under the upper lip. It looks a bit like chewing tobacco, but spitting is not necessary. In addition to tobacco, it also contains other ingredients such as salt and sodium bicarbonate. It looks a bit like pinch, which consists of dry tobacco powder, but it is not quite the same. It is a product that has existed for centuries, Sweden is the only country in Europe where this product can be sold. In America there is a variant of snus that has a different composition.

Combining e-cigarette with snus

There are people who almost stop smoking but still smoke a few cigarettes a day because they lack real tobacco. Think of a cigarette with breakfast or in the evening. Snus can eliminate this need, with the advantage that this tobacco is not burned. Because it is the substances that are released during incineration that are really dangerous. Nicotine in itself is addictive but it does not make you sick in a normal dose. Snus is not entirely safe, when the composition is in order it can take days of your life. But compared to years that smoking costs snus seems a better alternative. You will have to go to Sweden to legally purchase this product.