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Compare electric cigarette and Nicotine Inhaler vapor

Compare electric cigarette and Nicotine Inhaler vapor

There are different ways to meet your daily requirement of nicotine; smoking cigarettes, sticking nicotine patches, chewing gum, using nicotine inhalers or vaping e-cigarette. Researcher Michael Siegel has compared the latter two to identify the amount of harmful substances per product. Which method is the least harmful to health?

Everything is bad for your body

We cannot live without oxygen, yet all the air we breathe is polluted. Water is essential for survival, but you should not drink too much because it is then toxic to your body. In other words; everything is harmful to a certain extent. When taking nicotine, it is mainly a comparison with cigarettes, because smoking tobacco has proven to be dangerous and takes many lives every year. But what about the electric cigarette and the nicotine inhaler?

Which method wins?

Michael Siegel's research showed that the inhaler in particular contained more Nickel, Cadmium, O-methylbenzene and Acetaldehyde, while e-liquid vapor again had more NNK, NNN and Acrolein. So there turned out to be no outright winner. Or maybe both methods win, because the concentration of harmful substances turned out to be many times lower than for cigarettes. In addition, the research is a bit older, and e-liquids have become of better quality. On the other hand, there are mods and boxmods that produce more vapor, which means that the quantity increases again. The nicotine patches and chewing gum also contain various substances that can be harmful to health in higher concentrations.


Whatever you choose; worse than smoking tobacco is actually not possible. Although none of the above products is preferred, e-cigarettes and nicotine inhalers are at a similar level. Obviously, pay attention to the use of authorized products purchased through official sales channels. Otherwise you cannot be sure of the composition.