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Compare mods for your e-cigarette

Compare mods for your e-cigarette

"Mod" stands for modification or adjustment. With advanced users of electric cigarettes, mods are very popular because you can completely change the experience. How can you compare mods and what should you pay attention to? Good questions, on this page we give you the answers!


How can you compare mods?

The purpose of mods is to tune the e-cigarette to your personal preferences. You can influence every aspect of electric smoking in order to create exactly your favorite experience. Compare it with thin or thick cigarette rollers or use other rolling papers. Subtle modifications can make a lot of difference.

This way you can influence the smoking experience

In comparing mod's, these are some characteristics that have an impact on the experience:

When you like vapors at high temperatures, mods are available.
There are mods that give you more control over the temperature settings.
You can vary in the ratio between wattage and voltage for a completely different effect.

Are e-cigarette mods safe to use?

When comparing mods you have to take into account that not all modifications are supported by the manufacturer. We will not claim that mods are dangerous, but there are risks involved. So let yourself always be well informed in advance, it is possible that the warranty on your electric cigarette will be canceled.