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Compare other e-cigarettes

Compare other e-cigarettes

If you are someone who is not guided by brand names, another e-cigarette can be something for you. Not just a Justfog, Innokin, Kanger or Smok, but a Vivakata, Kamry, Aramax or Vaptio. All electric cigarettes meet strict quality requirements, the difference is often in the details. How can you best choose another e-cigarette?

Please note: We are not allowed to give buying advice online according to the law, it is possible to list the main characteristics. For customized advice you can contact us.

other e-cigarette

There are many brands, models and colors that you can choose from when purchasing another e-cigarette. Pay attention to options such as an adjustable temperature, the size of the electric cigarette and the option for mods. When all of this is abracadabra for you, a starter set will be the most obvious choice.

Beginners, switchers and vapers

Someone who has never smoked must first scratch his or her ears before ordering another e-cigarette. Remember that nicotine is highly addictive, even in the case of vapen. Switching from normal cigarettes often opt for a model that looks like a standard cigarette, while seasoned "vapers" often go for the most technologically advanced e-cigarettes with mods.

View all brands and models, which group do you belong to?

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