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Comparing e-cigarettes for beginners

Compare e-cigarette for beginners

There is a lot of looking at comparing an e-cigarette. You will have to find a model that suits you, you need a good clearomizer and then you will also have to opt for e-liquid that fits your needs. Are you finally going to take that step to an electric cigarette or are you still buying a normal pack of cigarettes? We help you get started with the most important points for choosing an e-cigarette.

Compare e-cigarette without advertising

We are not going to tell you what the best e-cigarette is. We can tell you what to look for when buying an electric cigarette:


  1. Buying a battery: A standard battery supplies about 3.7 volts, but there are also other values ​​that influence the taste and experience. The preference is personal.
  2. Buying Clearomizer: When buying a clearomizer you should pay attention to the MTL clearomizer and DL clearomizer. MTL stands for Mouth To Lung, which is just like traditional smoking, DL stands for Direct Lung, which is more like smoking a water pipe.
  3. Purchasing a mod: When comparing an e-cigarette you also have to consider the option for modifications. This way you can tailor the user experience entirely to your personal preferences.

When comparing an e-cigarette, you look beyond the cigarette alone, adding all the components together offer a unique smoking experience.