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Corona and e-cigarettes, what does this virus mean for vapers?

Doctors and scientists in several countries including China, Belgium and Germany have strongly advised smokers to quit smoking just now. The COVID-19 virus is a virus that directly affects the lungs, which you weaken with every cigarette. But what about e-cigarettes, and the vapor that is produced? We investigate this on this page.

There is much we don't know yet

The more you learn, the more you realize that you actually know very little. So far this philosophy, now on to the facts. COVID-19 stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019, which is actually part 2 of the infamous SARS virus. It is a pandemic, a worldwide problem that makes many people sick and has already cost many victims. It is very difficult to identify the characteristics of a new virus, especially because the symptoms can vary greatly from one individual to another.

How do you know you contracted the Corona virus?

Some people don't feel anything because they are immune, they can still be carriers and transmit the virus. The symptoms can manifest as breathing problems, heavy coughing, fatigue or pneumonia. You smoke over the lungs, so you must stop immediately. But what about vaping, what many people choose as an alternative to smoking?

Vaping is no longer a social activity

There are various alternatives to smoking, the e-cigarette is one example of this. Vapor is not smoke and has a different effect on the lungs. Unfortunately, no one knows how this relates to viral infections. In any case, make sure not to share the e-cigarette with anyone because of the transmission by saliva. Also pay attention to the vapor and keep an appropriate distance or rather; vapor only. That may be a pity, but you do not want to endanger your environment unnecessarily. Whether nicotine has a positive or negative effect on Corona is not known, e-cigarettes with 0% nicotine are available.