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Corona time: why you can really stop now

Quit smoking during corona crisisDuring stress, there is more smoking. People look for substances that not only have a narcotic effect, but also feel familiar. Smoking is a way for many to deal with the Corona pandemic, but quitting smoking is better on all fronts. We explain why this is the case on this page.

Stop smoking during Corona

It is known that smoking is harmful to health. Both directly and in the long term, there are many conditions and complaints that can arise from smoking cigarettes. Think of shortness of breath, reduced lung capacity and eventually lung cancer. The Coronavirus mainly focuses on the lungs, when they are weaker, the chance of infection and the consequences of this are considerably greater. A healthy body is more resistant to viruses, and if you do catch a disease, the chance of recovery is many times greater. Quitting smoking has a direct effect on the condition of the lungs, even if you have smoked for decades. If you catch the virus, the chances of survival in smokers are lower than in non-smokers, because the disease can take more hold on the body.

Also good for your environment

COVID-19 is a "social" virus that can spread very well from person to person. So we keep our distance from each other and we cough in our elbow to not infect anyone. If you are less susceptible to Corona, the chance that you will infect someone yourself is also considerably smaller. And if someone gets sick, it is good that there are sufficient resources available for this, such as fans. By living a healthy and smoke-free life, you will not only benefit from this, you will also help others.

Whether you quit smoking for pure willpower or with aids such as nicotine gum or an e-cigarette; in addition to all the known benefits, it can also protect you from COVID-19.