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Corononavirus: are packages from online orders safe?


Many of us are currently (more often) at home. You can't go to the hardware store, this also applies to garden centers, so we go shopping online. But do we also get the Corona virus with all those packages? Can a virus spread through packages, or can you continue shopping online with confidence?

How does a virus spread?

The way in which a virus spreads can differ, yet (almost) direct contact is often needed. Just think of a standard flu, which can spread to the population in no time. HIV is also a virus, but one that is mainly sexually transmitted. COVID-19 spreads more like a flu virus, but is a lot more dangerous. We would almost call it an assassin, but we prefer to use that term for smoking cigarettes ... Viruses like warm, living bodies and can survive for a long time in a host or hostess. Outside our body they will quickly become inactive. When your postal deliverer sneezes in your face, you have to pay attention, when the delivery person puts the package on the floor, the risk of transmission is very small.

So delivering parcels is safe?

A visit to the supermarket is more dangerous than having your groceries delivered at home, simply because there are more "links" in the chain. When delivering parcels, the chance that a virus will survive the transport from the warehouse to the distribution center and the van to your door is extremely limited. The temperature differences are already too great for a virus that loves your body temperature. So you can confidently buy e-cigarettes or e-liquids and have them delivered at home. If you do not fully trust the health of your package deliverer, you can leave the package in the hallway for a few days or disinfect it with alcohol. But to date, no case of COVID-19 that has been transmitted by a parcel is known. So a pack of cigarettes is much more dangerous!