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Cough, dry mouth and sore throat when using an e cigarette

From the rain in the drip, that is what a number of people experience when they switch to electric smoking or rather "fumes". Complaints such as dry mouth, coughing or loss of taste occur regularly. Are e-cigarettes not as "healthy" as is often claimed? Fortunately, most complaints can be resolved quickly, and more importantly, complaints are reversible. You will therefore not have a chronic disease.

1. Dry mouth

It often happens that switchers experience a dry mouth. This can be solved by taking a sip of water more often. This is especially the case in people who are hypersensitive to PG in the fluid. Switching to VG can offer the solution.

2. Irritations in the throat

This also indicates a hypersensitivity or even allergy to PG. You will therefore suffer from a smoke machine in a disco. Although Propylene Glycol is a safe product, there are indeed a number of people with hypersensitivity to this substance. Again, it is advisable to use an e-liquid based on VG.

3. No longer being able to taste

It can happen that the taste experience is less. This is not due to the e-liquid, but to the taste buds on the tongue. After frequent use of e-cigarettes, they can become "blind" for your favorite taste. You can "reset" the tongue by changing your taste for a few weeks, Menthol in particular is a good aroma to bring back your taste experience.

4. Bleeding gums / headache etc.

Some nasty symptoms may appear after switching from tobacco to e-liquid. These problems are often not a result of starting with fumes, but rather stopping smoking. These withdrawal symptoms may persist for a few weeks and are part of the process. It is therefore not due to e-cigarettes but to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

If in doubt, always contact your doctor to rule out allergies or other matters.