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Counseling stop smoking

Counseling stop smoking

You can go to the pharmacy and buy a nicotine replacement without a prescription. You can also skip the tobacco shop and order an e-cigarette online. Whatever you choose, by using help, the chances of success are significantly increased. You can read how you can get guidance on quitting smoking on this page.

Note: We do not recommend products or methods. We only indicate the various options with regard to guidance on smoking cessation.

1. Personal coach

There are several professionals who can take on the task of personal coach. This can be the regular GP, but also a pharmacy assistant, a practice assistant, a nurse in the hospital or a psychologist. It is not always necessary to visit the specialist for every interview, in a number of cases personal coaching by telephone is also possible.

2. Lifestyle coach

Smoking is not only a result of addiction to nicotine, it also involves many more aspects that can arise from the life situation or causes in the past. The lifestyle coach not only offers guidance on smoking cessation, but also brings it into perspective with the personal lifestyle and habits.

3. Training in groups

By participating in a group training you share experiences with other people who have the same problem. Both the trainer and the people who seek guidance for smoking cessation act as a sounding board and can give you support.

More chance of succeeding with support

In many cases, quitting smoking will be a voluntary and personal choice, not everyone realizes that the success rate under supervision is much higher. Nicotine patches or e-cigarettes can certainly satisfy the nicotine need, but are not always sufficient to get rid of the addiction. Therefore, inquire about the possibilities and the coverage via the health insurer.

With guidance on quitting smoking you have twice as much chance to succeed.